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Kenwood SW-2000 Wattmeter Lamp Replacement

  Kenwood SW-2000 Wattmeter Lamp Replacement Filed in Wattmeters on Mar.28, 2021 I’ve been busy lately rewiring my hamshack. In the process, I have been doing some minor repairs to equipment that has deteriorated over the years. My Station Wattmeter, a Kenwood SW-2000 that I bought new in 1983, had long ago burned out its incandescent bulbs for the meters. So it is time to replace them with some new LED bulbs.   The job was not as easy as I had hoped. I removed the metal cover by removing four screws on the sides and one screw at the back top, near the center of the meter. Be careful, as the two front screws that attach the case to the meter place have captured nuts that may fall out. To get access to the light bulbs, the front cover plate for the meters must be removed. The screws are hidden under the product label at the bottom of the cover plate. The label is glued on, so it must be carefully be peeled off of the faceplate, hopefully keeping it in good e