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TS-430 RF and IF Signal Paths

  TS-430 RF and IF Signal Paths Filed in Vintage Radio on Dec.28, 2016 I’ve had some questions from readers about where to obtain the color annotated schematics for the TS-430 that I used in some of my previous posts.   Violet line indicates the missing SSW signal. I created the schematics from a photo of the corresponding pages from the service manual for the rig. After taking a photo with my digital camera, I used the SnagIt program on my computer to add color lines representing the various RF, IF and Oscillator paths. Some of the other paths (voltages and such) were already annotated in red on the original schematics in the service manual. Anyway, here are the annotated schematics for the RF and IF sections, which were the only ones that I modified in this way. Enjoy… RF_Unit IF_Unit