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WAS Progress from the Ranch

  WAS Progress from the Ranch Filed in Contests on Apr.29, 2011 I’ve been working on a Worked All States Award from the Ranch.  All contacts for WAS must be made with your station within a 50 mile radius  to count towards the WAS award, so only contacts made from the Ranch, but not Mesa, count for this. Anyway, I have contacted all states from the Ranch, but have received confirmation from only 36 so far.  So each time I operate from the Ranch, I’ll have to keep my eye out for those that have not sent confirmations.   WAS Progress April 2011


  Beginnings Filed in Vintage Radio on Apr.02, 2011 When I was about 11 or 12 years old, I had developed a pretty intense interest in radios.  Shortwave and Ham Radio were at the top, but pretty much any radio communications was just too cool to ignore. I came across this site today that brought back some early memories of those interests.  The site has most of the old Radio Shack catalogs from when I was growing up. RadioShack Catelogs Anyway, probably the first electronic kit I ever built was the RadioShack P-Box Regenerative Receiver.  I remember winding different coils to hook into the clip springs to make it tune all over the shortwave spectrum.   P-Box Regenerative Receiver There were several others that I built, including the 1-tube receiver, which took a 22 volt battery.   1 Tube Receiver Here is the original P-Box clipping, explaining how the system worked.   P-Box Pretty cool stuff…