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3018 CNC for PCB Milling?

  3018 CNC for PCB Milling? Filed in CNC on Aug.05, 2020 I have started learning how to mill PCB boards using a benchtop CNC Router.   3018 CNC Assemble In the past, I have used a chemical etching method to create custom PCBs for some of my projects. While it was generally successful, there were some problems with the process. It was messy. Storing and mixing the chemicals used in the etching process inevitably led to some splashing of the chemicals on clothing, workbenches and other items of value. This was especially a problem when the Ferric Chloride solution was used, as it stained everything it touched. Using a muriatic acid/hydrogen peroxide solution was cleaner, but still problematic. Disposal of the chemicals was a problem. Even after heavy dilution, one worries about the environmental effects of the waste chemical disposal. After etching, the chemicals had an added quantity of copper. That complicates things. Until very recently, the city only