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Thunderbird Hamfest Score

  Thunderbird Hamfest Score Filed in Vintage Radio on Jan.13, 2013 I went over to the Thunderbird Hamfest in Glendale AZ yesterday. It was my first visit to this yearly event. There was a pretty good turnout, with maybe 35 – 40 tables selling gear. Anyway, I ran across an old, run-down Heathkit HW-16 Transceiver for sale at the club table. It was definitely in need of repair, as the frequency dial, RF Gain and Power controls were all frozen or inoperative. However, I could tell that it was in pretty much original condition, with no mods visible.   Heathkit HW-16 as received I have been looking at these on EBay for years, as this was the first Ham Radio I ever built and operated (as a Novice back in Nebraska, around 1974 or so). This old gal had a $50 price tag, and I walked away with it for $40. That is a little cheaper than EBay for similar condition units, I think. Plus I didn’t have to pay $25 to $50 shipping. After getting it home, I opened it up to see what t