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VHF/UHF Antennas

  VHF/UHF Antennas Filed in Antennas on Mar.15, 2003 In March of 2003 I decided that I wanted an outdoor antenna system for 2-meters and 70 cm.  I was involved in the Arizona Near Space Research balloon launches, and setting up an echolink link at my house. I found an article in one of my old Handbooks that described using copper pipe to build a 2-meter J Pole Antenna.  By following the article, it was simple to create an effective antenna for two meters.  For 70 cm, I simply made a 1/4 wave ground plane antenna.   2-meter J-Pole After cutting all of the parts to the required length, taking into account how far they slide into the connectors,  I cleaned the joints, then soldered it all together with flux and plumbing solder. 2-meter J Pole matching section After soldering everything together, including the sliding matching clamp, I built a really simple 1/4 wave groundplane antenna for 450 mhz.  These were both mounted on a piece of 1-inch copper pipe, which was ho