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Building the K7QO Noise Source (Manhattan Style)

  Building the K7QO Noise Source (Manhattan Style) Filed in homebrew on Aug.29, 2009 In an earlier post , I had need for a noise source to evaluate a circuit in the MMR-40 40-meter transceiver. I had chosen the K7QO design that was based on an RSGB circuit.  On that occasion, I had built it on a breadboard, and modified it to work down to audio frequencies. I decided that it needed to be more permanent, so I returned to the original design, and built it up manhattan style.  Manhattan Style uses small pads of circuit board which are glued to a ground plane and used to support the non-ground parts of the circuit.  I added a small bit of circuitry to include an on/off switch and indicator; and put it all in an altoids tin.  So here is the process… Finished Noise Source Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit as built… K7QO Modified Noise Generator Schematic Construction started by measuring the altoids tin to see how much room I had to build the circuit. Measuring th