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JuncTek Battery Monitor MQTT Controller

 I recently installed some 48 volt Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs at the Ranch to replace the 9 year old Lead-Acid batteries that had started to fail.   eg4-lifepower4-battery-48v-100ah   These are rack-mount battery packs that are intended for powering computer servers.  They are reported to work very well in an off-grid power system.  The Problem I had a problem to solve before the upgrade, in that the old 48 volt inverter I had been using in our solar power system required a programming interface to change its operating parameters to match the new battery specifications.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer wants over $400 for the required interface to make these changes.  I am unwilling to pay this extortion money for a simple device that should cost less than $100. The communications protocol and interface is proprietary, so it would take a considerable effort to hack the interface. There are two sets of parameters in dealing with the inverter/battery connections: 1. The chargin