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HW-16 C-202 & C203 Rebuild

  HW-16 C-202 & C203 Rebuild Filed in Vintage Radio on Mar.02, 2013 After removing C-202 & C-203 from the radio. I followed the procedure in the previous post to remove the cardboard wrapper around the cans mostly intact. C-202 was the first, and I got a little rushed and tore it at the seam a little. But I was able to glue it back together when all was finished, and it turned out pretty good. For C-203, I went slower and let the heat from the embossing tool do its job on the tar that glues the cardboard to the can. After a few minutes, the cardboard wrapper slipped off without a hitch, very cleanly. For this capacitor, I left most of the tar in the carboard tube, as it wasn’t in the way of where the new capacitor would be installed. Less work = less possibility of breaking something that isn’t broken yet! Here is one of the caps in the vice, ready to be opened up with my cheap Harbor Freight Moto-Tool.   C-203 ready for opening Cutting open the can was easy with