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Antenna Masts for the Ranch

  Antenna Masts for the Ranch Filed in Antennas on Jun.16, 2009 We've been moving along in our construction of the LittleHouse at our Juniper Valley Ranch. I've been wanting to get better communications capabilities established there. Currently, we have to hike down our half mile lane to our drive entrance at Markham Pass in order to get any cellphone communications. However, once a link is established, we can then head back up to the cabin, and are able to complete calls from there, at least sometimes. So the thought is that if we can get a beam antenna up in the air a bit, pointed at a cellphone site, we might be able to have reliable private communications. Of course, when I think about towers or masts and antennas, I have to think about how I can incorporate ham radio into the mix. I can currently receive some decent vhf/uhf signals from Mingus Mountain, near Prescott, as well as Haulapai Mountain, near Kingman. A high, clear antenna can only help there. An