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Yaesu G-450XL Rotator Repair

  Yaesu G-450XL Rotator Repair Filed in Antennas on Dec.30, 2007 In December of 2007, the rope support for the center element of my Cushcraft A3 broke, requiring me to climb the tower and bring the beam down for maintenance.  At the same time, at had been noticing that the rotator control was not indicating correctly, it was very erratic.  So I brought the rotator down for maintenance, as well. The first step was to mark the side of the case, where the top and bottom of the clam shells connected together.  This would allow me to assemble it in the correct alignment when the time came.   Marked Case of Rotator Next, I took the top cover off.  All of the bearings between the clam shells in the depression on the outside were safely stored.   Top Removed A little inspection revealed what the problem was.  The center gear had broken away from the shaft it was pressed onto.  I tried re-pressing it back onto the shaft, but it was too worn out.  I found the phone number for p