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Debugging ANSRTrack Cont’


Debugging ANSRTrack Cont’

Continued Debugging effort

The next anomoly to investigate concerned the slow climb rate observed during the ANSR-122 flight. Normally, we expect about 1200 – 1300 feet per minute climb rate, but a rate of 600 fpm was observed about a half hour into the flight.

An analysis of the telemetry data from our two beacons (KA7NSR-6 and KA7NSR-7) indicate that the climb rate did indeed fall to around 600 fpm at that time in the flight.

Climb & Descent Rate for entire flight

Rate of Climb for Ascent Phase of Flight


And so I conclude that the ANSRTrack program was reporting the climb rate correctly. Nothing to fix on this one…

The final anomaly to investigate concerned the sudden repositioning of the antenna array twice during the flight. The array swung perhaps 45 degrees counterclockwise after a telemetry update at around 36 and 42 minutes into the flight (give or take a few minutes, I didn’t capture details of when the clock started exactly on the tracking PC).

I see no anomalies in the telemetry data from our beacons for the latitude and longitude readings. They are both incrementing / decrementing at a fairly consistent rate.


I do see that we passed the 109 degree meridian at about 29 minutes into the flight. Perhaps there is some weird rounding error going on in my program when we have whole degrees and zero minutes reported. I’ll have to create a way to re-encode our telemetry data into APRS packets of the format we expect, then replay the flight through the ANSRTrack program to see what it does. Work for another day…


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