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43′ Vertical Final Install Pictures


43′ Vertical Final Install Pictures

I received an email from a follower that had questions about my final configuration of the matching network for my 43′ vertical.  I promised him I would take some pictures of it the next time I was up at the Ranch, so I did that yesterday.

A couple of them are a little blurry, but there are enough to see what is connected to what.

43′ Vertical Matching network

As you can see above, I have lots of radials installed beneath the vertical.  There are 32 of them, each 40′ long, mostly buried an inch or two underground.

After troubleshooting the matching network, I never repaired the burned-out choke on the transmitter end of the bias tee network.  Instead, I used a length of cheap RG-6 cable, totally separate from the RF path, to carry the +/- 12 volts to energize the appropriate relays for the different bands.  It enters from the bottom through an f-type connector installed between the two terminal strips.

Bottom Balun / Relay Selection Area

The RF enters on the right, through the SO-239 socket, and feeds into the balun in the center.


Top Coil with taps 

Small Coil with tap

Relay wiring 

Balun Wiring

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2 Responses to “43′ Vertical Final Install Pictures”

  1. Ron Ketchum Says:

    Not sure if I showed you my final product. My 43′ vertical can be seen at: or on QRZ (W2RDK) Works quite well from 160 – 10 Thanks for the help you provided back in January.

    Ron – W2RDK

  2. wb0smx Says:

    Very nice build and install, Ron. Congratulations, and good DX!



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