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TS-430 Control Board: IC-4 Waveforms


TS-430 Control Board: IC-4 Waveforms

IC-4 is an 8-Channel Data Selector switch that is used to read the status of various switches or buttons from the front of the rig, as well as the microphone.

The Processor (IC-1) chooses which data input line to read by setting an address on pins 11-13, and setting the Disable pin low. IC-4 then passes the state of the selected input line to the processor on pin 14.

TC4512 Pinout


IC-4 Pin 1: Band Down/Microphone Down (Not pressed)

IC-4 Pin 1: BD/MD


IC-4 Pin 2: Band Up/Band Down (Not pressed)


IC-4 Pin 2: BU/BD


IC-4 Pin 3: Memory In button (Not pressed)


IC-4 Pin 3: MIN


IC-4 Pin 4: Memory Recall (Not Pressed)


IC-4 Pin 4: MR


IC-4 Pin 5: A=B Switch (Not Pressed)


IC-4 Pin 5: A=B


IC-4 Pin 6: Lock (Not Pressed)


IC-4 Pin 6: LOK


IC-4 Pin 7: Step Switch (Not Pressed)


IC-4 Pin 7: STP


IC-4 Pin 8: Ground


IC-4 Pin 8: GND


IC-4 Pin 9: 1 MHZ Switch (Not Pressed)


IC-4 Pin 9: MHS


IC-4 Pin 10: Ground


IC-4 Pin 10: GND


IC-4 Pin 11-13 Address Select Pins A, B C

IC-4 Pin 11: A

IC-4 Pin 12: B

IC-4 Pin 13: C

IC-4 Pin 14: Output to processor


IC-4 Pin 14: Z


IC-4 Pin 15: Disable (Chip Select Low)


IC-4 Pin 15: Disable


IC-4 Pin 16: + 5 volt source


IC-4 Pin 16: +Vss

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2 Responses to “TS-430 Control Board: IC-4 Waveforms”

  1. John Bradley Says:

    Issue with TS 430S.

    A CW key will not start the transmitter. Tried a key & pedal sw neither will fire the xmitter. The manual indicates 9v is required.

    Can u confirm this or do I know what the problem is?

  2. wb0smx Says:

    Hi John. 9 volts in not required to key the rig. That is the voltage that the radio presents across the key jack. When that 9 volts is grounded (shorted to ground), that is what keys the transmitter. So all you need is a 2-conductor 3.5mm (or 1/8″) mono (not stereo) connector connected to your key. When the key is depressed, it shorts across this connector and signals the radio to transmit.

    You should hear a sidetone when the key is depressed. The rig must be in CW mode to actually send RF out when the key is pressed.
    Good luck and 73…
    Randy WB0SMX


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