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Heathkit C3 Condenser Checker - Knob Repair


Heathkit C3 Condenser Checker - Knob Repair

Almost finished…

A final repair on the knobs of the Heathkit C3 Condenser Checker, and it will be ready for operation.


Two of the knobs had been overtightened in the past, and had cracked the knobs such that they could no longer be tightened enough to turn the controls.  Putting down a sheet of foil to control any mess on my bench, I used this two-part Epoxy from Harbor Freight to fill the holes around the outside of the knobs on the back. Hose clamps were tightened around the outside to force the knobs back together where they had separated at the cracks.  I left the center holes empty, so the shafts could still be inserted.

Knobs outside holes filled with epoxy

After allowing the Epoxy to dry overnight, it became a very hard, clear filler.

Epoxy dried

Then, I had no trouble tightening the knobs on the controls.  And they all still look original. They are the top right and bottom left controls.

Knobs installed on controls.


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