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Catching Up on the HW-16


Catching Up on the HW-16

I’ve done quite a bit of work on the Heathkit HW-16 in the past year, but haven’t kept up with the posts. I’ll use a few posts now to catch us up on where we’re at on the HW-16 refurbushment.

Just prior to replacing the RF Gain Potentiometer, I had removed the multi-section capacitor from the rig.

Here is the before shot, showing the cap buried under all of those power resistors.

Multi-Section Filter Cap buried under resistors

After removing the resistors, the cap is a little more accessible.

Multi-Section Capacitor exposed

Once the cap was exposed, it was a matter of removing the remaing wires, un-soldering one of the twist lock tabs and un-twisting all four of them. Then the cap came out. I also removed the cap mounting plate by removing the screws holding it in.

Multi-Section Capacitor Removed

After the circuit board had been rebuilt and cleaned, I reinstalled the board onto the chassis. I cleaned and sanded the chassis where the board would be making contact, to improve grounding. Then using the original screws, nuts and washers, reinstalled the board. Note that the two resistors coming off of the tuned circuits and going to the board had to be spliced to longer wires, as the newer resistors that we buy nowdays do not have as long of leads as the originals. To make this splice, I wrapped the resistor leads in a tight spiral around the extension wire, then soldered them together.


Circuit Board installed to chassis

After the circuit board was reinstalled, I connected the audio transformer back to the circuit. Where insulation was frayed, I covered the wires with heat shrink.

Audio Transformer installed

The next step is to reinstall the rebuilt and new can capacitors…


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