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Heathkit Tunnel Dipper


Heathkit Tunnel Dipper

The Superstition Hamfest moved out to Queen Creek this year, after the City of Mesa chased them off from their long-standing hamfest site by being overly-zealous at attempting to collect sales taxes from individual sellers.

Sneff Farms is a nice site, but I’m a little concerned about mud, should we get the normal rain that we get on the day of the hamfest.  But the first year there turned out good.

I only found a few items of interest.  One of which was this Heathkit Tunnel Dipper, which is a solid-state Grid Dip Oscillator that uses a tunnel diode in the oscillator circuit.  It was complete with all the coils, and sold for $5.00

Heathkit Tunnel Dipper

The dipper works off of a single AA battery. After replacing the battery, I fired it up to see if it would oscillate. By plugging in the appropriate band coil, and tuning with the dipper, I was able to hear an oscillation in my TS-430 receiver at an appropriate frequency. So it basically is working.

Band Coils


5-13 MC band coil

The meter sticks some, and I only confirmed oscillation on one band, but that was enough for now. I’ll check it out further when I have a few less projects in the queue.



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