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HW-16 C202 Removal


HW-16 C202 Removal

After cleaning the HW-16, I went to HayseedHamfest and ordered the cap kits for the HW-16 pair. They are a little pricey, but I think it’s worth it to get the custom electrolytic in a can to replace the original. For an extra 4 bucks, he adds some of the power supply resistors to make the replacement easier by relieving you of the burden of trying to save old parts with short leads.

While waiting for those parts to arrive, I started out with the removal of C202, a 50uf, 350 volt electrolytic in a can, with a cardboard cover over the can.

The plan was to remove the can from the chassis, then remove the carboard cover intact, if possible.

I started by cutting the 3 wires off of the center lead on the capacitor, and one wire off the mounting lug.

C202 still mounted

Once those were free, I was able to remove the two mounting screws and pull the can out of the rig.

With the can out, I applied heat from my embossing gun to the carboard cover, hoping to melt or soften the glue that attaches it to the can. I also had to cut the bond a bit with my x-acto knife, but it all came apart, relatively whole…

C202 Can separated from the cardboard cover.

I’ll have to clean that up a bit with some lacquer thinner later.

Here is the cardboard cover…

C202 cover

Next, I’ll remove C203, and use a similar method to extract it from the cover. Stay tuned!

C203 before removal 



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