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Thunderbird Hamfest Score


Thunderbird Hamfest Score

I went over to the Thunderbird Hamfest in Glendale AZ yesterday. It was my first visit to this yearly event. There was a pretty good turnout, with maybe 35 – 40 tables selling gear.

Anyway, I ran across an old, run-down Heathkit HW-16 Transceiver for sale at the club table. It was definitely in need of repair, as the frequency dial, RF Gain and Power controls were all frozen or inoperative. However, I could tell that it was in pretty much original condition, with no mods visible.

Heathkit HW-16 as received

I have been looking at these on EBay for years, as this was the first Ham Radio I ever built and operated (as a Novice back in Nebraska, around 1974 or so). This old gal had a $50 price tag, and I walked away with it for $40. That is a little cheaper than EBay for similar condition units, I think. Plus I didn’t have to pay $25 to $50 shipping.

After getting it home, I opened it up to see what the damage was. The Dial indicator will definitely need to be replaced (maybe I can make a new one). And all of the paper and electrolytic caps will need to be replaced as well. Then a cleanup and some cosmetic repairs, and I can be setting in Novice glory once again! Should be fun. By the way, it looks like this was originally built by WN7RRX. And it came with the original manual and build notes.

HW-16 Top

HW-16 Back

HW-16 Under the Hood

HW-16 Drivers and Final



HW-16 damaged Dial Indicator

HW-16 Under the Chassis

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  1. Jerry Says:

    This was my first Ham Radio as WN7RRX. I was Licensed in 72 or 73. It served me well. I did not build it it came to me lightly used.I was high school student at the time and ham radio was replaced by girls and firefighting shortly thereafter. I “renewed” my radio activity in 93 as a member of the Marin county races. Your post has made firm that I should reclaim my original call sign of WN7RRX.

    Does the radio still operate?

    Thank you OM.



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