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Downloading and Installing LTSpice


Downloading and Installing LTSpice

We’ve started a new group build project on the QRP-Tech Yahoogroup:


This one is to build a stable, usable signal generator to cover 80 – 10 meters. I may try to take it down lower, we’ll see as I move along.

Anyway, part of the “Homework” was to load and use the (free) circuit simulator, LTSpice to simulate various parts of the circuit. So I created a video walking through the download and installation of LTSpice on a Windows XP machine. There is no audio on this one, as I was having microphone problems when I made this, but I added text annotations.


I will follow up with walkthroughs of simulating some of the stages of the 8640Jr project. And hopefully, the actual build of the project, as well.


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