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2011 ARRL Ten Meter Contest


2011 ARRL Ten Meter Contest

I made it up to the Ranch to participate in the ARRL 10-Meter contest last weekend.  Due to a late start and muddy roads, I didn’t arrive until 2 hours before the contest started on Friday. By the time I got antennas set up, and my new heater put together, the band had already shut down for the night.

But I got started the next morning when the sun came up, and it was warm enough to leave the safe confines of my sleeping bag(s).

As I only had Saturday to work the contest, I ended up with 109 contacts in around 10 hours of operating.


My first contact at 1611 GMT, was PY2NDX in Sorocaba, Brazil. That let me know that things were going to be interesting for the rest of the day.


From there, I worked a bunch of stations east of the Mississippi, and a few South American and Western North American stations.



Also of note were my only European contacts, G3TXF in Surrey, England, and EI7M, in Cork, Ireland.






As the afternoon passed, the propagation suddenly switched to the west (as expected… The sun was rising there, and falling here).

I started working Japan, Korea, China, Arctic Russia, Australia, Hawaii, Cook Islands and New Zealand.


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