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43′ Vertical – Part 3


43′ Vertical – Part 3

The next step was to attach the aluminum tubes to the 4×4 pressure treated post for mounting in the field.
I used some 2″ conduit brackets and some 2″ PVC parts to do that.


For the top of the mount, I used a piece of 2″ schedule 40 PVC pipe.  At first I tried to just compress the pipe around the tubing, but it would not compress enough.  So I used my coping saw to cut a slit in the tubing, to allow space for it to compress.  That seems to have worked nicely.


For the bottom, I use a 2″x1″ schedule 40 bushing, with a 1″ x 3/4″ threaded adapter. I thought I might be able to clamp this part as well, but due to its complex structure, it was not possible to compress it.  I will rely on the clamp and copper pipe into the ground to keep it in place, and let the antenna sit on top of it.  That should keep the bottom for hinging out in the wind.


At this stage, I headed up to the ranch to plant the pole in the ground.  One final step before doing that was to fabricate a ground radial attachment plate.  I didn’t want to spend $50 + for such a thing, so I attempted to make one from a piece of roof flashing.
I clamped it to the porch up north, and used the edge as a brake to bend the metal.  I wanted to eliminate the sharp edges.


Continued in Part 4…


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