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The Haul – (Superstition ARC Swapfest 2009)


The Haul – (Superstition ARC Swapfest 2009)

I got up at my normal work wake up time on Saturday morning to attend the Superstition Amateur Radio Club’s 2009 Swapfest at Mesa Community College. I was expecting more of the same as I had seen in the last few years, with dwindling attendance, mostly computer stuff, and bad weather.
I’m happy to say I was wrong on all counts.

Progressive Receiver Start

This year, I found more good parts and part radios than I had seen in several years.  I was mostly hoping to find some variable capacitors at reasonable prices, as they cannot hardly be found new anymore.  They are necessary for a lot of the older projects I have been interested in building.
I found a box of variable caps, with a tube socket and a microphone thrown in.  I offered $20 for the whole box, and was happy to have it accepted.

Variable Capacitors

There are a couple of transmitting caps in there and lots of receiver type caps.  It should keep me going for awhile.
I found a second, bigger box with probably close to 100 variable capacitors in it of various sizes.  I offered $30, and the gentleman needed more, so I offered $40, and he countered with $45.  I acknowledged that they were worth the price, but refused it anyway (dumb!).  I probably could have sold two of the bigger caps in there on EBay for $40 dollars alone, and kept the rest, but I was tired of bargaining… oh well.

There were a couple of Gonset Communicators (for 6-meters and 2-meters AM) at one table.  They were in really poor condition, but the vernier drive felt good on them, and I figured there would be plenty of good parts inside, so I offered $10 each, which was accepted.
I was kind of torn as to whether I should part them out or not, as they are older than me, and someone might value them.  I’ll have to check EBay occassionally to see if any sell for a decent price before I decide what to do.

Six-Meter Gonset Communicator

Two-Meter Gonset Communicator

I found the beginnings of the “Progressive Communications Receiver” design by Wes Haywood W7ZOI.  It included the chassis and case, a nice vernier drive, completed VFO, and several modules already built.  $25 took the whole thing.

Progressive Receiver Start

The 9-mhz IF module has a quartz filter onboard.

Progressive Rcvr 9-mhz IF Amplifier Board

The Mixer Module has an SBL-1 hybrid mixer in it.

Progressive Rcvr Mixer Module

In addition to those two modules, there was also:

  • a complete VFO assembly
  • a second mixer module (missing the SBL-1, though)
  • two oscillator modules (BFO and a conversion oscillator)
  • a Product Detector/Audio Module
  • an 80-meter preselector filter
  • a 10-meter converter (unfinished)
  • and an active RC filter

I’ll post more pictures of this project as I get to it.

I also found an old Navy Surplus Frequency Test Set TS-175C/U.  It is in really good condition on the outside, but pretty hacked up on the inside.  $10 took it.

TS175 Test Set

TS-175 Test Set Front Panel

This was used to check the frequencies of radios (mostly aircraft radios).  You plug in a crystal, then adjust the knobs to zero beat the radio to the test set.  The settings of the knobs and dials would tell you how far off you were.

What really drew me to this was the very smooth vernier dial mechanism.  It’s just too cool!

Vernier Drive

I’m sure I can use it for something.

Then I found an old VTVM (non-working) for $3 that has a nice meter.  Maybe I can use it for a Wattmeter or something.


I found a nice CDMA modem, with a gps module inside.  Nice case:

CDMA modem

And some test leads cheap:

Test Leads

And a 6-amp 12-volt supply.  I can use this on my bench, and stop grabbing on to my station supply when I’m experimenting.

Power Supply

And finally, some assorted audio jacks and plugs, with some white LEDs to replace burned out incandescent lamps in meters and such:

LEDs and Jacks/Plugs


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