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Field Day Preps… HF Doublet Construction Con’t


Field Day Preps… HF Doublet Construction Con’t

We attached the center antenna support to the top of the center mast, using one of the eye bolts, but putting the eye on the opposite side of the mast, really just using it as a normal bolt. Then we secured the wires to keep them from tangling, and raised the mast…

Center Insulator Support Installed on Mast


 With the mast raised, the antenna looked kind of like one of those PBS creatures on the childrens programming!

Creature from Juniper Valley Ranch

We stretched the wires tight between the three masts, and it was good…

Doublet installed and ready for use.

Nighttime was approaching, and we got done just in time…

Sunset on the antenna

So it was off to the LittleHouse to put together the rest of the station (next post).


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