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Blast from the Past…


Blast from the Past…

I picked up a couple of DVDs with almost all of the back issues of 73 magazine.
As I was browsing through the good old days, I came across the issue that gave me my 15 seconds of fame…

That entry was from the October, 1985 issue of 73 Magazine.  I had been randomly selected to receive an award for representing all of their subscribers for their Silver Anniversary edition.

The prize was a very nice Astatic Silver Eagle D-104 microphone.  While I appreciated the sudden change of luck (I normally do not have much luck, that’s why I don’t gamble…) I did not keep the gift.  As I recall, I had it hooked up to my Kenwood TS-430 for a while, but decided that it did not have the sound that I liked.  It also required a 9 volt battery to be replaced regularly.  I sold it later that year at one of the local Hamfest auctions.

D-104 Silver Eagle

Anyway, it was fun to run across that, and share it here…


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