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2017 Superstition Hamfest Haul

The Superstion Hamfest had a very nice turnout this year, with seemingly quite a bit more used equipment for sale than the past few years.  I found a few bargains to add to my test bench. The first find was a Heathkit C3 Capacitor Tester.  I’ve been looking for an old style cap checker with […]

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TS-430 RF and IF Signal Paths

I’ve had some questions from readers about where to obtain the color annotated schematics for the TS-430 that I used in some of my previous posts.

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8640b FM Deviation Pot Repair

After replacing the gearset in my 8640b signal generator, the next item on the list was to repair the FM Deviation potentiometer, which had the shaft broken off where the knob would attach to the front. Since the pot is still electrically good, and I cannot locate another pot with the same value and length […]

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HP 8640b Signal Generator Gear Set Replacement

Back in April of 2016, I bid on a Hewlett Packard 8640b signal generator to upgrade my test bench at home.  This was from a local seller, and I won the bid for $115.00 + $20.00 shipping, for a total of $135.00.  I figured for that price, I couldn’t go wrong.  In working condition, these […]

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Making the Heathkit IG-102 Signal Generator Useful

While I am very happy with my homebrew 8640jr signal generator, I’ve had this old IG-102 RF Signal Generator from Heathkit hanging around for a decade or so.  I was curious what kind of levels it was capable of, so I dragged it out and hooked it up to the scope to investigate a bit. […]

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