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Building the NorcalQrp S1/S9 Signal Generator

This project is a crystal controlled oscillator with primary outputs on four amateur bands. The device is useful for checking out newly built receivers at known signal levels. Finished Project The S9 level outputs a 50 microvolt signal, which most amateur radio receivers are calibrated to display as an S-9 signal level on their S-meters. […]

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Building the KD1JV Digital Dial

The KD1JV Digital Dial is a digital display that was designed by Steve Weber, KD1JV. It is currently being marketed by QRPKits. It has a programmable IF Offset that allows it to read the final frequency of the radio, regardless of the mixing scheme. It will display Mhz and Kilohertz (MM.kk), or Kilohertz down to […]

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Building the NorcalQRP SMD Dummy Load

This device is a 5-watt dummy load that is pretty unique in that all of the load resistors, as well as the diode detector parts are surface mount devices.  It is marketed as a learning tool to give people practice at soldering surface mount components. NorcalQRP is the club that distributed the kits. Finished NorcalQRP […]

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