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TS-430 Control Board: IC-5 Waveforms

**Note: All measurements below were using a x10 probe, but I forgot to set the scope to show that.  So rather than the 100mv/division that shows in the photos, I was actually using 1.0v/division. IC-5 is an 8-Channel Data Selector switch that is used to read the status of various switches or buttons from the […]

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Ham Shack 1985

In 1985, we lived in Garden City, Kansas. I was scanning in some old negatives today, and came across these.  Nice looking shack back then…

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Blast from the Past…

I picked up a couple of DVDs with almost all of the back issues of 73 magazine. As I was browsing through the good old days, I came across the issue that gave me my 15 seconds of fame…

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Yaesu G-450XL Rotator Repair

In December of 2007, the rope support for the center element of my Cushcraft A3 broke, requiring me to climb the tower and bring the beam down for maintenance.  At the same time, at had been noticing that the rotator control was not indicating correctly, it was very erratic.  So I brought the rotator down […]

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