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Field Day 2010 Operations

Conditions were generally not as good this year as last.  We found that the settings for the antenna tuner that we made last year were still completely valid.  The only problem we had was when we had the 160 meter switch turned on for 80 meters at one point, which may have led to some […]

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Field Day 2010 – Preparations Part 2

We first tried using the Receiver Noise Bridge to check the antenna operation, but could not get reasonable nulls an any band.  That was our first sign of trouble.  After hooking up the radio and the bias-T connections, we found the operation of the vertical pretty dismal on all bands.  We hauled out a battery […]

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Field Day 2010 – Preparations

For Field Day this year, we had 3 members to our group.  John (WB0WHO), Ken (KF7FAM) and Randy (WB0SMX).  We needed to finish up the installation of the 43′ vertical that we hoped would complement the operation of the 135′ doublet that we used last year. We brought along the 80/160 meter matching network and […]

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43′ Vertical – Part 5 – Matching Network

Next on the list for the 43′ vertical project was the base matching network, to allow reasonable matching to the rig on all bands from 160 meters through 6 meters…

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43′ Vertical – Part 4

When I arrived on Friday, I got out the post hole digger and dug a hole about 2 feet deep. The post was set into the hole and prepared for cement. The radial plate was attached to fix the height above ground level.

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