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I received news on Wednesday, February 27 2019 that one of my oldest and closest friends, John Koppert WB0WHO had passed away.  He had not been heard from since the prior Monday, Jan 25th.  Whn his son-in-law went to check on him, he was found lifeless sitting in his chair.  A heart attack is suspected.

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43′ Vertical Final Install Pictures

I received an email from a follower that had questions about my final configuration of the matching network for my 43′ vertical.  I promised him I would take some pictures of it the next time I was up at the Ranch, so I did that yesterday. A couple of them are a little blurry, but […]

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Differential Temperature Controller

We had a need to control the temperature inside of our Solar Equipment Bay up at the Ranch.  The Bay sits outside on our porch, and for some hours during the day, the sun shines directly on it.  When this happens the interior acts like an oven, quickly heating up and subjecting the charge controller […]

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2011 ARRL Ten Meter Contest

I made it up to the Ranch to participate in the ARRL 10-Meter contest last weekend.  Due to a late start and muddy roads, I didn’t arrive until 2 hours before the contest started on Friday.  By the time I got antennas set up, and my new heater put together, the band had already shut […]

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Field Day 2011

Results for Field Day 2011: For Field Day 2011, I had some slightly different goals than in the past: Incorporate CW contacts into the mix Incorporate PSK/Digital Contacts into the mix Concentrate on working maximum number of stations, regardless of sections worked Operate Off of Battery Power, to provide relief from generator occasionally Get 43′ […]

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