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MKARS80 80 Meter SSB Transceiver – Part 3

Construction of the MKARS80 Transceiver continues with the installation of the bag #4 components.  This bag contained all of the active devices, as well as the crystals for the BFO and filter. As these were just dropped into the holes, I didn’t take a lot of pictures during this phase.  Here is the board after […]

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MKARS80 80 Meter SSB Transceiver – Part 2

Construction of the MKARS80 Transceiver continues with the population of bag #3.  This bag contained most of the toroids and bobbins to wind.  One of the challenges, from the colonies side of the Atlantic, is the lack of an intuitive feel for the metric system.  I was thinking that 50mm = 0.5 cm.  But it […]

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NESCAF Audio Filter

A couple of months ago, I dug out an old kit from the shelf to give the grandsons something to build while they were spending the day.  They soldered most of the components on it, but didn’t have enough time to finish it. So now, I cleared off the bench once again, and finished the […]

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MMR40 Front Panel

I used Visio to create a front panel image for the MMR-40.  I did a rough drawing first with the holes in the approximately correct places, then printed it several times on my laser printer.  By making slight adjustments each time, I ended up with a panel overlay that should fit pretty good (With 4 […]

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MMR40 S-Meter / Power Meter Circuit

There is a simple S-meter/Power-meter circuit in the SPRAT Newsletter issue # 57 by Bill Bartlett, G4KIH. It derives its S-meter component from the audio stages, and gets its Power indication from a simple RF probe. To adapt this circuit to the MMR-40 took a little engineering, but it wasn’t too bad.

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