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Field Day 2011

Results for Field Day 2011: For Field Day 2011, I had some slightly different goals than in the past: Incorporate CW contacts into the mix Incorporate PSK/Digital Contacts into the mix Concentrate on working maximum number of stations, regardless of sections worked Operate Off of Battery Power, to provide relief from generator occasionally Get 43′ […]

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Field Day 2009

On the eve of Field Day, after assembling the antenna, we put together the rest of the station. For this trip, we just ran the ladder line through the window, straight to the balanced antenna tuner.  The TS-480 was wired to the power supply and the antenna tuner.  Speakers, microphone and logging program were made […]

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Field Day Preps… HF Doublet Construction Con’t

We attached the center antenna support to the top of the center mast, using one of the eye bolts, but putting the eye on the opposite side of the mast, really just using it as a normal bolt. Then we secured the wires to keep them from tangling, and raised the mast…  

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Field Day Preps… Antenna Masts

My good friend from Omaha, John (wb0who) arrived on Friday, June 26th to participate in Field Day and get a tour of the Ranch. The first order of business was to finish getting the guy lines attached to the towers, and get the towers in the air. We attached 4″ or 5″ eyelets (depending on […]

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