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A 24 Volt Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger (Part 3)

In Part 1 of this project, we covered the general design of the battery charger.  Part 2 described the physical construction of the charger.  In Part 3, we will cover the calibration and operation of the charger, and present the Arduino Nano source code for the project. Once the board was populated, I isolated the […]

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A 24 Volt Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger (Part 2)

In Part 1, we went over the design of the 24 volt charger. In this Part 2, we will describe the physical build. At this point, I developed a PC board to hold all of the components in a solid manner.

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A 24-Volt Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger

Recently, the battery charger inside my battery powered lawn mower died (again).  This time, I found that the printed circuit board was so rotted by moisture, that it was unrepairable.  Knowing that the rest of the mower is still in great shape, and given that this OEM charging circuit had failed several times in the […]

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PCB Fabrication Experiments – First Board Finished

After confirming that the HP Laserjet 400 Black/White Laser Printer worked good for toner transfer, I wanted to try the HP Laserjet 200 Color Laser Printer to see if there was a difference.  It actually worked very well, and I used that transfer to complete the process of creating my first PC Board by toner […]

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PCB Fabrication Experiments

I’ve been reading a lot lately about making your own printed circuit boards (mostly on the yahoo group qrp-tech) I have made PCBs before, but only with the photoresist method, which is fairly expensive.  After witnessing the great results by Chuck, K7QO, and with him having done most of the legwork on the method, I […]

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