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More Volts from the LM7805 Regulator

I began development of an S-meter/Power meter interface for the MMR40 today. The plan calls for a 10 volt supply, using a 10 volt zener diode for regulation.  Since I didn’t have a 10-volt zener on hand, I decided to use an LM7805 regulator chip, but expand the voltage output to 10 volts from its […]

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Another MMR40 fix

When I initially constructed the MMR40, I was going to use the original case.  So I put the band range switch on the bottom of the board to accomodate that.  Well with switching to the new case, I decided that I needed to move the switch to the front panel.  This had an unfortunate side […]

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Some MMR40 Fixes

While I was working on assembling the MMR40 into its chassis, I ran across a couple of problems. After I hooked up the antenna connector jumper from the SO-239 on the back of the chassis to the BNC connector on the board, I did a quick check of power out.  What’s this??? No Power?? How […]

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MMR40 Chassis Work (Con’t)

I was able to get a little more chassis work done on the MMR-40. Here is what the faceplate looks like now.  I’m still debating on whether to put in a jack for headphones on the front.  This will end up with a laminated photo overlay for a nice looking finish.

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MMR-40 Front Panel

Here are just a couple more pictures I had in the camera of the MMR-40 Box Up… The plan is to put a piece of red acetate over the display, then the front panel image over the whole thing.  That should cover up any rough edges in the hole I cut out for the display. […]

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