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ANSRTrack – Deploy to Linux: Part 2

Distribution via Folder Copy In my last post, I described how I went about identifying all of the files necessary to distribute my new High Altitude Balloon Tracking program to linux machines other than the one it had been developed on. At the end of that post, I was left with a folder which contained […]

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An Alternative BMP280 Module with the Arduino

Besides the Adafruit BMP280 breakout module, I found a cheaper alternative on amazon for $5.88. This module is sold by a Chinese company named DiyMore.  It is a 3.3v only breakout, so it has no onboard regulator or level translating circuitry.  So you must be careful to only use a 3.3 volt supply with it.

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Arduino and the BMP280 Pressure Temperature Module

Next up in my Arduino research is the BMP280 pressure/temperature module. This is a device manufactured by Bosch, and is ideally suited to high altitude balloon atmospheric measurements. The bmp280 datasheet has many details about the device.  Each module based on this device will have its own quirks, but they seem to generally follow the […]

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Freeduino RBBB and the SD Card Reader

The next board to be tested with the SD Card Readers is the Modern Devices RBBB (Really Bare Bones Board). This appears to be similar to the Arduino Duemilanove that we tested in a previous post, in that it uses the ATmega168 chip.  However, the RBBB does not have a built-in USB interface, nor a […]

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Arduino Due and the SD Card Reader

The next board to test with the SD Card Readers is the Arduino Due.

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