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NESCAF Audio Filter

A couple of months ago, I dug out an old kit from the shelf to give the grandsons something to build while they were spending the day.  They soldered most of the components on it, but didn’t have enough time to finish it. So now, I cleared off the bench once again, and finished the […]

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When I was about 11 or 12 years old, I had developed a pretty intense interest in radios.  Shortwave and Ham Radio were at the top, but pretty much any radio communications was just too cool to ignore. I came across this site today that brought back some early memories of those interests.  The site […]

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Building the AADE LC Meter

There is a really nice Inductance/Capacitance Meter available from aade (Almost All Digital Electronics). This is the AADE L/C Meter IIB. It comes as a kit and takes a couple of hours to build.  When you are finished, you have a nice tool (rather than the kludge I had for capacitiance before) that can read […]

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MMR40 – Finished… For now

Ok, I’ve spent enough time on this one project.  Once again, I couldn’t make it perfect (and that drives me crazy)… but it’s time to call it finished. The final touches involved a little chassis work.  A few coats of paint (but I was too lazy to fix the existing scratches in the top of […]

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MMR40 Front Panel (Cont’)

I found a piece of red acetate for the Digital Dial Display.  It was the tab on a notebook with dividers that I picked up at Target. After gluing this in place over the display hole, I applied glue to the faceplate and the laminated photo cover.  First, I tried Gorilla Glue, thinking that it […]

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