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Kenwood SW-2000 Wattmeter Lamp Replacement

I’ve been busy lately rewiring my hamshack. In the process, I have been doing some minor repairs to equipment that has deteriorated over the years. My Station Wattmeter, a Kenwood SW-2000 that I bought new in 1983, had long ago burned out its incandescent bulbs for the meters. So it is time to replace them […]

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TS-430 Mode Switch Diagnosis

One of my followers of this blog wrote to ask for help with diagnosing his Kenwood TS-430 transceiver. The problem was reported as being “stuck” in USB mode, unable to switch to other modes.  While running through the diagnosis via email, it became clear that many of the functions/switches were not operating. He had cleaned […]

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TS-430 RF and IF Signal Paths

I’ve had some questions from readers about where to obtain the color annotated schematics for the TS-430 that I used in some of my previous posts.

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My “New” TS-430

With all of the electrical fixes finished on the TS-430, I felt kind of sad when I looked at it.  30 years of hauling around in various mobile installations, and field day operations have taken their toll.  I decided to give the old girl a facelift.

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TS-430 Fixes

A couple of years ago, my (then) 28 year old Kenwood TS-430 started to have problems.  The first symptom was that the display would count up in frequency, no matter which way I turned the tuning knob.  This was intermittent  occurring mostly in the first few minutes after turning the rig on for the first time […]

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