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Heathkit IG-42 Signal Generator Restoration – Part 2

Electrolytic Can Capacitor Re-stuffing Next on the repair plan is to pull the 3-section electrolytic can capacitor, and re-stuff it with modern electrolytic capacitors.  This will ensure reliable operation for decades into the future, while preserving the looks of the old equipment.  I unsoldered the two resistors, the .05 uf capacitor and the various wires […]

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Heathkit IG-42 Signal Generator Restoration – Part 1

The first fix applied to the IG-42 Signal Generator was the replacement of the 0B2 regulator tube. With the new old stock replacement, the B+ voltage dropped from 131 vdc to about 107vdc. The 0B2 is a 108 volt regulator, so that should be about right. The new tube voltage chart is displayed below. I […]

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Heathkit IG-42 Checkout – Part 2

I put the IG-42 Signal Generator back on the bench to continue my initial inspection.  Today, I measured the voltages specified in the construction manual and measured the resistors (in circuit) to see if there were any obvious problems to address. Some of the tube pins were very difficult to access from the bottom side, […]

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Heathkit IG-42 Laboratory Generator – Initial Checkout

I hooked up the Heathkit IG-42 Signal Generator to the variac on the bench and brought the voltage up slowly, watching for signs of overheating or failed components.  There was a slight hum coming from the unit for the first couple of minutes, then it got better.  I suspect that the electrolytic capacitors were recovering […]

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Heathkit IG-42 Laboratory Generator – First Look

A friend and colleague of mine asked me to take a look at his Heathkit RF Signal Generator: IG-42.  The only information I got from him about it was that he had inherited it from a good friend, and had not had much luck using it. Here we will make our initial inspection of the […]

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