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Electronic Key Interface for Vintage Rigs

Sometime this past year, I acquired a Jackson Harbor Press KeyallHV kit.  This accessory allows one to key their vintage rig, be it an old tube rig, a hybrid or a more modern solid state one.  It is basically a circuit that isolates the keying contacts from any high voltage circuitry in the rig via […]

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HW-16 Transmitter Work

Now that the receiver seemed to be working great, it was time to work on the transmitter some. The first thing I noticed is that the meter was indicating about a third scale with no power applied.  I had read of another ham with this problem, who found that the meter had become magnetized.  Convinced […]

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HW-16 Dial Repair – Part 3

OK, so now I had a translucent disk with a new dial label applied.  Now I needed to mount the disk to the mounting plate for the HW-16.  It turns out that this is harder than it sounds.  I expected some trouble drilling the holes through the polycarbonate disks.  But that turned out to be […]

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HW-16 Dial Repair – Part 2

Now that I had a decent image printed to a label, it was time to get a suitable disk to mount the label to.  My first attempt looked really good, but did not allow any light to shine through from the back side, where the pilot lamp is located.  So I needed a somewhat see-through […]

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HW-16 Dial Repair

Now that it’s time to fix or replace the old Dial in the HW-16, I started some research.  It turns out that a CD or DVD disk is very close to the size of the original HW-16 dial.  Like within an eighth of an inch.  Since the dial drive mechanism is adjustable to a large […]

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