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Thunderbird Hamfest Haul 2018

I attended the Thunderbird Hamfest in Peoria yesterday.  There were a few bargains to be had.  While many sellers were expecting the high Ebay prices for their old junk, there were still a few that were actually looking to sell their goods. I started out with a purchase of some connectors and adapters from one […]

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Heathkit C3 Condenser Checker – Restoration

Ok, I’ve received my order from  Now it’s time to replace almost all of the capacitors and a good number of the resistors in the C3 Condenser Checker.  We’ll follow that up with a basic checkout, and finally finish up by testing the caps and resistors that we pull out. Here is what we […]

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Heathkit C3 Condenser Checker – How it Works Part 3

In Part 1 of this series of posts, I introduced the Heathkit C3 Condenser Tester Wheatstone Bridge operation. In Part 2, we traced out the schematic of the Resistance and Capacitance measurements. Here in Part 3, we will delve into the Leakage Test function of the tester. The Leakage test operates by placing a selectable […]

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Heathkit C3 Condenser Checker – How it works

The circuit description in the C3 manual does not go into many details about how the circuit works.  Although the circuit diagram is not drawn in the familiar layout for one, it may be traced out to arrive at a reasonable resemblance to a wheatstone bridge circuit. (credit diagram below to

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Heathkit C3 Capacitance Checker Evaluation

In my previous post, I mentioned that the previous owner of the C3 Capacitance Checker had indicated that it had been rebuilt, and that it works.  I decided to take a look inside to see what had been done before powering it up on the bench for evaluation.

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