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2017 Superstition Hamfest Haul

The Superstion Hamfest had a very nice turnout this year, with seemingly quite a bit more used equipment for sale than the past few years.  I found a few bargains to add to my test bench. The first find was a Heathkit C3 Capacitor Tester.  I’ve been looking for an old style cap checker with […]

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Making the Heathkit IG-102 Signal Generator Useful

While I am very happy with my homebrew 8640jr signal generator, I’ve had this old IG-102 RF Signal Generator from Heathkit hanging around for a decade or so.  I was curious what kind of levels it was capable of, so I dragged it out and hooked it up to the scope to investigate a bit. […]

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HG-10b VFO for the HW-16

The HW-16 was now operating reasonably well under crystal control.  Next, I turned my attention to the HG-10b VFO.

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HW-16 Transmitter Work

Now that the receiver seemed to be working great, it was time to work on the transmitter some. The first thing I noticed is that the meter was indicating about a third scale with no power applied.  I had read of another ham with this problem, who found that the meter had become magnetized.  Convinced […]

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HW-16 Dial Repair – Part 3

OK, so now I had a translucent disk with a new dial label applied.  Now I needed to mount the disk to the mounting plate for the HW-16.  It turns out that this is harder than it sounds.  I expected some trouble drilling the holes through the polycarbonate disks.  But that turned out to be […]

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