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Arduino Uno and the SD Card Reader

CardInfo Testing My first module to play with was the SD Card Reader.  Several of the students at Dine College were using these in their projects.  Some were having success, while others struggled. I picked up two different examples of SD Card Readers from Amazon. I chose one made by a leader in the Arduino […]

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Kenpro KR-5400 Rotator Controller Repair

At out last balloon flight, I discovered two problems with the rotator system.  The Elevation Meter was intermittent, and tapping on it would make the reading fall to zero, and tapping again would bring it back to the correct position.  This didn’t seem to be affecting the automatic control. I also found that the azimuth-right […]

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ANSR-115/116 High Altitude Balloon Flight

On March 3rd, 2018, I helped out with the Arizona Near Space Research spring ASCEND flights.  Two high altitude weather balloons with payloads from several Arizona Colleges and Universities were launched from the parking lot of the grade school in Dateland, Arizona.

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August 2017 Eclipse High Altitude Balloon Flights

The ham radio club that I am a member of supported two high altitude balloon flights from the area of Glendo, Wyoming on August 21st, 2017.

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ANSR Ground Station Tracking System

In support of the Arizona Near Space Research group, I have agreed to set up a new ground station for tracking the balloon flights.  We do this in order to point directional antennas at the balloons as they float across the state on their missions.  I had done this about 10 – 12 years ago […]

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