Hello, and welcome to my new blog.

I have been mostly concentrating on homebrew and qrp projects lately, so that is mostly what you will find here.
Some projects I have been working on:

  • w7zoi Universal Transmitter
  • kd1jv MMR-40 40 meter ssb/cw transceiver
  • Norcalqrp SMD QRP dummy load
  • NorcalQRP kd1jv Digital Dial
  • Nortex Accuprobe
  • K7QO Noise Generator
  • NorcalQrp S9 Signal Generator
  • NorcalQrp Keyer

In addition, I have several projects backed up on the bench…

  • Norcalqrp 2N2 – 30 meter cw transceiver
  • NorcalQRP QRP Power Meter
  • NorcalQRP FCC1 Frequency Counter
  • NorcalQrp FCC2 DDS Signal Generator
  • NorcalQRP VE3DNL Marker Generator
  • NorcalQrp NC2030 20 meter cw Transceiver
  • QRPKits Bitx20 20 meter SSB Transceiver
  • NEQRP NEScaf Switched Capacitor Audio Filter
  • W7ZOI Cascode Hybrid IF System

So stick around, and I’ll post the details on the blog.

73 de Randy wb0smx