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ANSRTrack – Deploy to Linux: Part 1

Identifying Critical Libraries As mentioned in our previous post, I have been developing a new version of our High Altitude Balloon Tracking System. This is being written on the Qt platform, a GUI-based development environment using C++ and its associated libraries. I will not be discussing the use of the Qt platform up to the […]

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ANSRTrack Program Development using QT5

This post is about the software development and distribution of my new linux-based High Altitude Balloon Tracker program.

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Kenpro KR-5400 Rotator Controller Repair

At out last balloon flight, I discovered two problems with the rotator system.  The Elevation Meter was intermittent, and tapping on it would make the reading fall to zero, and tapping again would bring it back to the correct position.  This didn’t seem to be affecting the automatic control. I also found that the azimuth-right […]

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Measuring Impedance

I saw a video today from one of the Youtube members that I subscribe to: Kevin Loughin KB9RLW.  In the video he was demonstrating how to use an oscilloscope and a signal generator to measure the impedance of a circuit ( in this case, it was simply a toroid coil).  The process made sense, but […]

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August 2017 Eclipse High Altitude Balloon Flights

The ham radio club that I am a member of supported two high altitude balloon flights from the area of Glendo, Wyoming on August 21st, 2017.

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