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Field Day 2010 – Preparations Part 2

We first tried using the Receiver Noise Bridge to check the antenna operation, but could not get reasonable nulls an any band.  That was our first sign of trouble.  After hooking up the radio and the bias-T connections, we found the operation of the vertical pretty dismal on all bands.  We hauled out a battery […]

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Field Day 2010 – Preparations

For Field Day this year, we had 3 members to our group.  John (WB0WHO), Ken (KF7FAM) and Randy (WB0SMX).  We needed to finish up the installation of the 43′ vertical that we hoped would complement the operation of the 135′ doublet that we used last year. We brought along the 80/160 meter matching network and […]

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Field Day 2009

On the eve of Field Day, after assembling the antenna, we put together the rest of the station. For this trip, we just ran the ladder line through the window, straight to the balanced antenna tuner.  The TS-480 was wired to the power supply and the antenna tuner.  Speakers, microphone and logging program were made […]

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