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Restoring the Kenpro KR-5400 Rotator

As mentioned in my prior post, I found that the elevation rotator for my Kenpro-5400 set had corroded internally to the point where it was no longer working.  It had been sitting outside in the weather for over 10 years, with no maintenance or activity, and the seals had allowed water to leak into the […]

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Trap Dipole for the Mesa QTH

In preparation for the Novice Rig Roundup, I was reminded of my poor state of affairs for low band operation at my Mesa QTH.  I had put up a quick 40-meter dipole about 5 or 6 years ago, but it was only about 15 feet off the ground.  This did not do a very good […]

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My “New” TS-430

With all of the electrical fixes finished on the TS-430, I felt kind of sad when I looked at it.  30 years of hauling around in various mobile installations, and field day operations have taken their toll.  I decided to give the old girl a facelift.

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TS-430 Fixes

A couple of years ago, my (then) 28 year old Kenwood TS-430 started to have problems.  The first symptom was that the display would count up in frequency, no matter which way I turned the tuning knob.  This was intermittent  occurring mostly in the first few minutes after turning the rig on for the first time […]

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43′ Vertical Final Tuning

After acquiring an Antenna Analyzer (MFJ-269B), I set the matching network on the bench and began playing with it.  I had a theory that I could simulate the antenna load at various frequencies by placing a capacitor in series with a resistor of various values for the different frequencies.  Then by attaching that to the […]

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