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B&W Antenna Switch Repair

Some time in the past, I have picked up several of the B&W Antenna Switches at a hamfest. They were purchased at a good price, just $10 each, and appear to be of pretty good quality. I got two 6-position switches (B&W Model 595), and two 3-position switches (B&W Model 593). Last month, I decided […]

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Kenwood SW-2000 Wattmeter Lamp Replacement

I’ve been busy lately rewiring my hamshack. In the process, I have been doing some minor repairs to equipment that has deteriorated over the years. My Station Wattmeter, a Kenwood SW-2000 that I bought new in 1983, had long ago burned out its incandescent bulbs for the meters. So it is time to replace them […]

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43′ Vertical Final Install Pictures

I received an email from a follower that had questions about my final configuration of the matching network for my 43′ vertical.  I promised him I would take some pictures of it the next time I was up at the Ranch, so I did that yesterday. A couple of them are a little blurry, but […]

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Thunderbird Hamfest 2019

One of my favorite hamfest did not disappoint me this year. I always find good bargains on tools and equipment at this hamfest. My first purchase was an MFJ-267 1KW Dummy Load/Wattmeter.  The seller had all of his equipment priced at the exact same point – $68.00.  That seemed a good enough price that I […]

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TS-430 Control Board: IC-1 Waveforms

IC-1 is the main processor chip on the Control Board of the TS-430.  It is a uPD8049c.  This 40 pin chip runs at 5.74 Mhz, and interfaces with virtually every control integrated circuit (IC-2 through IC-6) on the board.  You can see that it is central to the radio’s operation.

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