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Tektronix 2465A Oscilloscope Repair – Part 4

CRT Screen Adjustments After the initial Low Voltage Power Supply adjustments, the next step is to run through the CRT screen adjustments.  I was thrown off here at first by the order that the adjustments show up in the manual. The manual starts off the Adjustments section with an Introduction, followed by a Power Supply […]

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Hex Beam Installation

After giving up on my 35 year old Cushcraft A4, I ordered a Hex Beam from NA4RR.

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8640Jr Band 2 Lowpass Filter

After the first two filters of the original 8640Jr design had been built, I headed off in my own direction to add another two filters for lower bands. I miscalculated, and designed the filters to cutoff just after the third harmonic of the lowest frequencies, rather than the second, which would have placed it near […]

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First Mobile VHF Rig

In July of 1981, Mom gave me a nice birthday gift. A Kenwood TR-7800 2-meter mobile rig.  It had 25 watts out, and a synthesizer to eliminate the need for crystals.  There was no tone board installed, but you really didn’t need one in the midwest back then, as few of the repeaters had tone […]

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