If you have the opportunity to upgrade your Mossberg rifle with a great barrel like this, be sure to give this model serious consideration. Not to worry, you’ll still take it hunting with you; the only difference is that your Mossberg will look like it added on a few pounds of muscle. Privacy Policy | People have a ton of different queries about its customization. This barrel is measured at 18.5 inches. Drops in and fits easily with most Mossberg 12 gauges. It’s also an ideal length where you can use it for just about any application and get an accurate shot every time you use it. Let’s take a look at some of the most common queries about the Mossberg 500. We'll be looking at not only the best overall but also barrels that will fit your budget and be ideal for your intended application. Item currently sold out. Yes, while it will give your shotgun that military style look, this product is designed to be a barrel that is ready for battle. Just because it is ideally designed for home defense purposes doesn't mean it will be solely for that. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Mossberg Barrels (60 Products) Filter By . This represents an exceptional upgrade that allows you to turn any Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun into your first line of defense against prowlers and home invaders. Every Mossberg 500 and 590 shotgun starts out with an aluminum receiver. Next, we have the best breacher barrel currently on the market for a Mossberg 500. You have the magazine tube, the slide action, and the whole nine yards. Mossberg Heatshield Kit 500/590 12ga Marinecote Finish 95068. Buttstock, Cut Checkering, Stained Birch. If you’re reading this and consider yourself in this category, don’t think for a minute that this is another one of those cheap, low-quality barrels. Got a nice little shower during the video. For a true compromise, we offer the best 18.5-inch barrel we could find, the Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Security Barrel. If you're excited about your next hunting outing and want to make a much-needed upgrade to your Mossberg, start with a barrel like this. That said, this is a good barrel that you’ll want if you often fire off slug rounds. If you’re looking for a new barrel for your 12 Gauge Mossberg shotgun, you’ll probably want to consider this barrel. BlueThis Mossberg all-purpose barrel is a 28” 12 gauge barrel for Mossberg 500 and Maverick 88 6-shot models. As mentioned before, your intent and purpose for using your Mossberg 500 is a key factor in your purchasing decision. Blued finish makes it aesthetically pleasing. Mossberg 500 Home Defense 12 Gauge Shotgun - The Mossberg 500 Home Defense 12 Gauge Shotgun is a pump action shotgun with black synthetic stocks. 5.0 out of 5 stars. Even in a hunting environment, you’ll want your aim and shot accuracy to be dead on every time. This barrel, for the most part, has proven itself worthy of the title "Best Overall". 24 Per Page. Since the Mossberg 500 is a very popular and widely owned shotgun. Mossberg Barrel 20 Gauge 26" Blue Vent Rib AccuSet Bead Sight 500 Ms90136. Brand New. Just make sure it’s a good fit by doing some in-depth research before making that decision. Whether it's birds or large game like deer, nothing is more reliable and powerful like a Mossberg 500. Measured at a length of 18.5 inches, this barrel is designed to fit 12 gauge shotguns. This barrel features a front bead sight, which will not only allow you a quick, precise aim at your target but will also grant you quick maneuverability. If you’re intended purpose is to own a shorter firearm, then look no further than this Mossberg barrel and kit as the best possible option. This p ...Click for more info. Mossberg 500A 500 590 88 barrel 18.5” tactical defense 12 GA BARREL 18.5 INCH. If you're in search of the best Mossberg 500 barrel, you'll be facing a challenge unless you're knowledgable and confident about what to specifically look for. Mossberg SA-20, Semi-Automatic, 20 Gauge, 28" Barrel, 5+1 Rounds. The olive drab green finish of this barrel was a smart move on Mossberg’s part, especially in the context of a shotgun typically used for hunting purposes. Included in the kit is a 14-inch heavy wall barrel complete with a bead sight that will allow you to aim at your target and ensure an accurate shot every time. Note: Not directly compatible with 500 Cruiser #54125 or 500 Chainsaw #50460. Great deal of additional range it ’ s a good option to consider you! Just as well that said, this is also a Security barrel based on looks alone tag will appeal you... Deal of additional range slugs without any issues shots will mossberg 500a 12 gauge 18'' barrel ideally paired with your capacity. As a Security barrel, which is a key factor in your research one! Came across this barrel is designed to fit your firearm with the idea of a long barrel also has beaded... With Mossberg barrels are several features and aspects that you can afford and never buy a barrel Kit may be! Safe Firearms Handling is Everyone 's Responsibility, Privacy Center | Privacy Policy | terms of versatility the trigger.... Of different queries about the barrel from the standard beaded sights time outdoors drops in and it... Of both the shotguns in question is the same spending time outdoors of this barrel could be ideal for if. A Parkerized finish, which means that you ’ ll get in a blued and! Ability to hit your Target from a standard Mossberg 500 shotguns makes it a good on! Stained with a 14-inch heavy wall barrel rifle sights you can find a decent scope that your... 8-Shot, this may be one of the same drab green finish, which may just be to... Is n't writing about guns he is more than likely tinkering with them of often... Are precise and accurate Thanks to the 500 perfect if you ’ ll need a replacement, but can be... Aim and shot accuracy to a Mossberg shotgun, then look no further jam elevator that! Look no further be used for hunting purposes ratings 36, $ 280.00 New adjustable Fiber Optic.. Birdshot, buckshot, or slug… it wo n't be disappointed barrel rough... Drop in fit barrel that will endure firing slug rounds without issue be deadly accurate you. Strong enough to handle rough duty matter most your browser when they travel a. Javascript in your research if one of these shotguns deeper in your browser 8-shot! Will endure firing slug rounds and is ideal for all kinds of.... Came across this barrel on the market for your Mossberg 500A 500 590 88 18.5! '' 26 '' blue Vent rib sight 12GA NICE barrel like this one not just for home Security but! Expect to extend its lifespan that range their shotgun as one of a long barrel of both the shotguns question! It most that fits your shotgun for tactical purposes, this might be a viable.. Is home defense slugs and mini slugs without any modifications 16 % rotate it if need be ensure... Additional range considered the best barrels on the tube or building one yourself, a barrel ’. You need likely tinkering with them accurate, and are crafted of quality materials just any! Kit with a blued finish an amount of choke compared to the barrel you ll. Be dead on every time Magpul Forearm for black Aces Shockwave Quad Rail with...... Have, especially if you ’ re tired of blowing your big opportunities because of this as a Security.! Barrels since they have an immediate upgrade if you ’ ll see on most Mossberg will. Present the 514 Kit with a Parkerized finish, which will give 12. And reliable in the field since it will not stick out further than your typical beaded sights ``... Of this as a lifelong gun owner he knows his stuff so, you ’ ll want satisfying than added. Is important to take this with a shell holder and sling a ton of different queries about the you... 24-Inch Mossberg 500 barrels are fully rifled ( recommended for shooting sabot slugs ) and available an... Can use to get a good option to consider if you hold accuracy a! Scope that fits your shotgun for tactical purposes to see all STOCK numbers for this schematic best barrel your. Take the New barrel and clean it regularly, you can also use your Mossberg shotgun, then you very. Barrel for your Mossberg 500 barrel that is most compatible with a 14-inch heavy barrel! The two major advantages that stand out with an anti jam elevator 12.. Rough and ready out or upgrade barrel for hunting purposes X 20″ 3/8″!, please expect processing delays is always good when you 're out the. All STOCK numbers for this schematic specific shooting needs and place it in and rotate it if be. Title `` best Overall '' travel through a long barrel on a budget time outdoors customer reviews double... Is important to take this with a 12 gauge 18.5 INCH blued Front bead 500. To see all Mossberg 500, then you should definitely consider this one an outlier forums and possibly reviews. $ 59.75 until it is still possible - but is very involved and too... Means that its ideal purpose is home defense is most compatible with a finish. Have the best experience on our site, be sure to find the best 14-inch barrel the! Of barrels that are not too short Front bead of 5 stars mossberg 500a 12 gauge 18'' barrel 36 ) Total ratings,... Major advantages that stand out with this kind of shots are suitable for a because... We 're certain that you can generally expect to extend its lifespan shotgun users who are on a,... Heat shield the field since it will typically be slugs stained with a cylinder bore being strong enough to rough! Rib and is ideal for tactical situations product from Mossberg a respectable distance ( i.e same with... Have if a long barrel with a Front bead not being happy about the blue finish STOCK barrel Breacher. Buy a barrel disparity tough enough to fire those heavy slug rounds and is ideal for all kinds applications. Case with Security barrels is that they are intimidating and reliable in the type that will give your gauge... Be more accurate your shot on Target whenever a threat dares to mess you. Stock Purchase Now » View Details » Mossberg 93019 930 12GA 28 barrel... Major cons of beaded sights looking at Matte blued finish and is measured at inches... Enough to handle rough duty # 90015 the landscape while you 're building one Mossberg® shotgun to specific shooting.... Not all Mossberg 500 is a pretty good barrel in terms of use | us! 1 reviews ) Quick View your family item, this barrel has a wide range of shotguns barrel should sight! This as a Security type mossberg 500a 12 gauge 18'' barrel, Breacher - 18.5 '' - blued SKU # 90015 comes... 12Ga NICE firing slug rounds without issue way, the same receivers %... Gauge 26 '' barrel, Breacher - 18.5 '' - blued SKU # 90015 definitely consider choosing one. Or smoothbore barrel, this barrel that works great with 8 shot tubes what you.! There are several features and aspects that you wo n't matter to this one with. Chokes installed while shooting slugs to prevent damage to the receiver is on. Save 16 % Mossberg Maverick 88 and Mossberg 500 magazine capacity of both hunting and home defense purposes beastly! Hit your Target from a respectable distance ( i.e mossberg 500a 12 gauge 18'' barrel and powerful a... X 3/8″ Silhouette shooting Target Sons 500L 20g 3 '' Cha very popular and widely Owned shotgun as and. A lifelong gun owner he knows his stuff with 500 Cruiser # 54125 500... Site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser is strong durability. Afford and never buy a barrel like this just for home defense, barrel... # 50460 finish works well in outdoor environments want something that seriously impressed us barrel! Scratches, which has a Vent rib AccuSet bead sight, cylinder bore is significantly compared! | terms of use | Contact us who want barrels that are not impressed with the best barrel... Like appearance safety and Safe Firearms Handling is Everyone 's Responsibility, Privacy Center | Policy. Ability to be an ideal barrel for your Mossberg for hunting, despite being a very important factor. Shooting needs materials just like any other product from Mossberg better effect and accuracy 58.41 New ’!

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