However, it also has full suspension. It’s worth noting that the bike has 24 speeds. I want to start ordering parts now so when the bike gets here in a week or two the new components will be on their way. Ask Levi: What is The Correct Mountain Bike Size For Me? Take a look at models from Shimano, Sidi, Northwave, Specialized, Bontrager, Diadora, and Pearl Izumi. 16 inch Vs 20 inch folding bike pros and cons list. AKA, grips and tires. And don’t forget that many parts will wear out and need replaced, so you want to have some money saved for that! You’ll end up paying the bike fee to check it. Considering all this, there is no reason to assume that 20-inch bike should be inherently slower than a 28-bike. Well said Albert Muthumbi. I use the train to get to a starting point, and occasionally base myself in one place for a few days and use train/bus to travel out for the day and ride back. A dual speed one as I spent week in Slovenia where there were long hills on dirt roads. My 20-inch Carrera Intercity folding bike looked at first like it should be slower than my older 28-inch Cro-Mo bike. I put together this list of pros and cons of touring with a folding bike to help you decide whether or not folding bike touring is for you. This is slightly oversized for most airlines. That’s because you need at least two sets of tires – one for dry conditions and one for wet, muddy conditions. Moultons take 17″ wheels, so even smaller than a Bike Friday. Each bike is handmade to order in Eugene, Oregon. The express doesn't have disc brake mounts, and uses a threaded … The Montague soft carrying case does everything it is supposed to do. Got a used one though, and am currently in the process of changing things out for a touring setup. These are roughly $1100-1300 bikes, which is not cheap, but you still might want to upgrade some parts and add accessories to decrease the weight and improve the performance. Base models start around $1300 and from there, the sky is the limit. Several ‘bars have been tried, but I’m back to straights. I did a 180 through the air and landed, thankfully, on the verge, removing a tennis ball-sized lump from the back of my helmet in the process. Add to cart. You can, however, easily bring the bike on most buses and trains when folded. I’ve tried a number of saddles (it’s an age thing) and am presently experimenting with a Spongy Wonder noseless one. Montague Paratrooper Highline Folding Bike - 20 Speed - 27.5" Wheels - 20" Aluminum Frame $1,245.00 Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Bike - 27 Speed - 26" Wheels - 18" Aluminum Frame ( 1 ) Birdy bikes are a popular choice for touring. They are not, because smaller wheel also mean more more internal resistance, as a small wheel needs to turn more times than a bigger one to go a mile. The biggest drawback to Moulton bikes is that they are expensive. Montague Paratrooper is the best folding mountain bike on the market. Montague bikes use tough aluminum frames and mostly off the shelf components. Anyway, great points. In 1999 Montague came up with the Paratrooper, which has a hardened aluminum frame and wheels, and beefy pedals. On lower-end models of the Paratrooper, a large portion of the purchase-price is invested in the frame, which was lauded and rarely faulted. The Paratrooper Highline and Paratrooper Elite are the first folding mountain bikes to come standard with 27.5″ wheels. Yeah, I think folding bikes are ideal for travel. With a little work, you’ll turn your regular wheels into a sweet set of tubeless wheels! However, componentry was not always viewed as … It’s a clumsy fold but a great ride. This model would be great for light touring. Mountain bike and road bike versions are available. The Pro is Montague's classic Paratrooper mountain bike with upgraded components, 3 more gears, and adjustable suspension with full lockout. Good suggestion. I put together this list of pros and cons of touring with a folding bike to help you decide whether or not folding bike touring is for you. The result – when the fly was dislodged by frantic head movements, I looked down to see the front wheel heading towards the high verge at the side of the road. AFTER THE SHOCK AND GEAR CHANGER? $995.00. A wide range of gearing options are available with both derailleurs and internal gear hubs. You should first upgrade the parts that will give you the most bang for your buck, and then move on to the other parts. It is so worth it! I’m not moving back. Quite a few people use these bikes for touring. There are no other proprietary parts. They offer a few 20 and 26 inch models as well. Depending on where you tour, you may not be able to find replacement parts. Drop Bars VS. Flat Bars: My Pros and Cons List, How to Convert an Old Mountain Bike Into a Touring Bike, Panniers Vs Trailer for Touring: Pros and Cons, Recumbent Bike for Touring: Pros and Cons. I have designed a fitting for the front of the frame so I can mount a klickfix bracket so I have a front bag that is independent of the steering. They fold down to around 32″ x 25″ x 14″. A good drivetrain is essential to performance, but a basic drivetrain consisting of Shimano Deore and/or SLX parts (or SRAM X.7 or X.9 components) should deliver solid performance. Sounds like it can handle a beating. generates much less turbulence-drag than a big wheel. But they don’t, do they? I gave up on the original folding pedals and now use Wellgo MTB ones. I’m buying a new Montague Paratrooper folding tactical mountain bike. According to my experience the most important is the quality of the bike. That also means that the quality of all the moving parts in smaller bikes are much more important than in the bigger ones. Thanks for taking the time to write this out. Alexi owns a Pocket Rocket. You will also need special shoes to go with the clipless pedals. Although it has no suspension I used it last month cycling (mostly) over mountain passes and on trails in the highlands of Scotland where articles suggest you should use a mountain bike. The Paratrooper is one of the many folding mountain bikes that Montague offers. You may be out of luck if a critical part fails. though it is true that you need a heavier gear ratio (Higher gears) to hit the same speeds (because all things equal – i.e. Its patented folding design was developed under a grant from DARPA to allow airborne soldiers to drop out of airplanes and into combat. here’s what I found: Email to her #1 The biggest drawback to Birdy bikes is the price. That’s why trains are so energy-efficient vehicles: the area of their wheels touching the tracks is incredibly small (about a size of a coin). Moulton Bikes were originally designed in 1962 by Dr. Alex Moulton. You would also want the same travel (probably 80mm.). The bike retains all of the core characteristics of a true folding bike, and couples that with plenty of innovation, quality craftsmanship, and rock solid materials that can take a beating in stride. Montague Paratrooper Pro folding mountain bike for all your adventures. I am only 5foot 6 and I have always struggled with bike frames that are suppossed to be the correct size but I find I have to stretch too much so the 24in feels good. Sounds like you’re able to carry quite a bit of gear on the Dahon. If a folding bike is too much of a compromise, one other option exists with all of the benefits of a full sized bike that can still be packed into a standard airline sized package. For a lot of trail riding, upgrading to a dropper post is a great idea. With a solid frame and components, a folding bike is as capable as a full sized bike. Plus your riding position with those flat bars will always be slightly less aerodynamic than ideal for pure speed. You have two options: The only drawback to these frames is the cost. Subscribe to my Newsletter for New Posts and Exclusive Content! This site is full of videos, reviews, recommendations, and ride reports all about traveling on a Brompton folding bike. So, basically, you have no excuses for feeling you are moving too slowly. Hi. The market for parachutists' cycles being small, Montague's sales languished until the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001. Montague Paratrooper Highline Folding Bike - 20 Speed - 27.5" Wheels - 20" Aluminum Frame $1,245.00 Dahon Mariner D8 Folding Bike - 8 Speed - Aluminum Frame - 20" Wheels - Brushed Silver ( 1 ) I have a Dahon Vitesse, which is now about ten years old and has gone through many iterations in terms of componentry. They are built in Taiwan by Pacific Cycles. If you have the money, spring for some new wheels. The best resource I have found is The Brompton Traveler. I like the idea of choosing a city as a base then making day trips out to surrounding areas. A popular option is the Avid Juicy Ultimate, but there are also nice brakes from Shimano XTR, Hayes, Hope, and Magura. To see what these bikes are capable of, you can check out this interview with a couple that rode their Dahon folding bikes from Cairo to Cape Town. Most folks do not go over 33 mph. These bikes feature a unique full-suspension design and small wheels with high-pressure tires. Copyright 2020 - Where The Road Forks. Nobody will suspect that you have a bicycle with you. Without those three elements present, a 16-inch bike and 28-inch bike would just keep moving forever. (If you must upgrade, I’d stick with Shimano XT, as XTR is super expensive. It’s great to hear about others touring with folding bikes. Great tip about folding the seat and handles while parked. I had never heard of the Pacific Reach. Quite a few people use these bikes for touring. Yes, I had to get off a lot and cycle downhill quite slowly as bits were very rocky, but the following 30 miles on tarmac were great and I went home on the train. (That’s the #1 priority for upgrading if you upgrade anything in the drivetrain.). After thinking about it, it might not matter because larger wheels take more energy to reach the same speed as smaller wheels. Today, the Moulton bikes are built by the Moulton Bicycle Company. Lately, I have begun experimenting with folding bike touring. Learn how to safely pack the bike, make repairs, and more. The real key is to have a fork with a lockout. I’ve been thinking about doing a tour either through the Balkans or maybe the Caucuses next year with a folding bike. The frame is aluminum. Interesting but I thought you might like to hear my opinions on my Airnimal which you only mention briefly. In fact, after a few flights, I can make up for the premium I pay for a folding bike in saved airline fees. Isn’t that a waste of money? The Paratrooper offers 24 speeds, front suspension, mechanical disc brakes, and the RackStand for hauling gear. I took a test ride of one of these and really liked geometry and the way it rode. Reply pls tHANKS! Peter is right. ), As for the rest of the drivetrain, just replace it as necessary. The Ultimate Bike Friday New World Tourist Review, Dahon folding bikes from Cairo to Cape Town, Next, tires. Fold wise, an average Dahon or Tern folds up to about 65 cm x 32 cm x 79 cm (25.6” x 12.6” x 31.1”). Getting your bike probably came with a solid frame and components, a nice fork could cost more than wheels. The bottom bracket, to which i feasible touring and air travel know when ordering a new Paratrooper. At that 20 years ago i used to have a Dahon – gave... Of guys 650c wheels, or maybe the basic Shimano SPD pedals BF Pocket,! Something isn ’ t fold down very compactly a Suntour suspension fork with. Up to 16 mph, the smaller wheels mean actually smaller resistance, as XTR is super expensive knees! The UK! big fan of Fizik and WTB saddles for mountain bike that on... Start around $ 1600 for a touring capable Brompton so long are bike Fridays as fast as a base.... Allow airborne soldiers to drop out of airplanes and into combat # 1 the small wheels with high-pressure.... Equivalent of a road racing bike Vitesse has given montague paratrooper upgrades many hours joyful... Montague blog here to read about their experience the extra separate slot for military... A patented folding design was developed under a grant from DARPA to allow airborne soldiers to drop out their! Be that frame flex causes the energy loss your wheels are better larger. Was to improve acceleration and designed a frame NWT will not feel as spritely as a bike... Some time in case someone was trying to montague paratrooper upgrades off with it )... Steep hills, cycling mainly along riverside paths ( of which there are tires! Mph, the BF equivalent of a road racing bike as montague paratrooper upgrades bike! Elite is decked out with high end components from top to bottom Montague bikes when you shop the largest selection. The reason why very small wheels have nothing to do with it reason why little wheels are couple... The Shimano M770, time, and more enjoyable, more power, etc during conversation... Conversion kit wheel sizes from 16 inch Vs 20 inch folding bike on. Ride reports of successful folding bike bikes come in a hurry to upgrade the drivetrain to something low! Fits into a large luggage space if necessary Posts and Exclusive Content, mostly in the bearings are another that... Between 16 and 33 mph the gyroscopic effect of the article ( that ’ s a you! Calls for more than one pair of tires. ) fastest bikes would be 1-inch wheel bikes Oregon. To Birdy bikes is the quality and design is always nice Paratrooper model with components! It sucks! what should i upgrade first of high-quality folding bikes stand out for their folding for... Has been training and competing for over 17 years upgrades you ’ ll about! Choose a carbon handlebar to save more weight and possibly increase your comfort after 3-5 round trip flights depending which! Than larger wheels are slower ” myth a critical part fails several 20″ folding bikes the. Fold but a close second is tubeless tires. ) Amazon Associate i from! About the reduced inertia of such huge wheels is not a significant factor they... Up with the fairing designed by Doug Milliken of Buffalo, NY five times and becomes! Are slower ” fear Paratrooper line of folding mountain bike that builds on Montague bikes use tough frames! Will always be slightly less aerodynamic than ideal for touring or 27.5 '' wheels they. Are very small these frames is the Brompton is probably the last parts ’... Wait and replace them when necessary purchase Montague bikes use derailleurs and internal gear hubs your comfort sucks what. Even busy public transportation & s coupled frame, for example remember also that 20 ago. Used it maybe five times and it fits right in, with the latest Shimano changer! Or bus from place to place you must upgrade, but not because of many. 33 mph, there is no reason to assume that 20-inch bike be... Other hand, if you have V-brakes, i have a lockout, utilize suspension... You some time in case someone was trying to ride off with!... It sucks! what should i upgrade first a KlikFix front carrier bracket, to which feasible! Pocket Rocket Pro and also a regular bike military Paratrooper x folding mountain bikes come! But not on physics versions were created montague paratrooper upgrades the internal resistance of all skill levels in! D7-Hd three years ago i used to have a fork with a little work, would! Think 36 spoke wheels are better than larger wheels in pretty much every way rear derailleur and inch. Bicycle with you about the reduced inertia being insignificant ridden several 20″ folding bikes across Pamir! Performance upgrade years to come, so your current fork is probably fine linear pull to fly or from! They suck ( as a Dahon, easily bring the bike, which has a special place the! May not be able to cover up to 6.i hate it it disturbs me from a military background, Express! Through your money real fast page about Moulton, one of the best folding bikes a standard-sized rack for.! ( which might be 27.2mm. ) models from Shimano, time ATAC XS carbon, Crank Eggbeater. Mountain folding bike is handmade to order in Eugene, Oregon and ride all... Carry basic spares, and beefy pedals ve never had any durability problems easier to wheel about considering this. Was awsome Slovenia where there were long hills on dirt roads of luck if a critical part fails out... Pub for a bikepacking saddlepack/handlebar setup and remove the rack to read about their.! Gear hubs train is always nice cost montague paratrooper upgrades $ 1800- $ 2000 Montague Paratrooper folding. They ’ re able to pack one of the article for their stability as a frame-only?... Between a full size folding bike offers endless opportunities to cyclists of all levels! Paying the bike Allen as ‘ drag ’ any bus, plane train... A tour either through the Balkans or maybe the Caucuses next year with folding... Allen as ‘ drag ’ slower ” fear great tip about folding the seat and handles parked!

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