whats the song in which the girl only hums. Can't wait! You have great job actors/ actresses. Can they pls explain "broadcaster's circumstance"? Why isnt KBS airing this drama from today's onwards??? Great drama so far, can't wait till next week... northerngirl Apr 03 2018 3:13 pm I watched so far, not only met all my expectations, but actually exceeded them. M May 19 2018 6:14 am Especially Kim Myung-Min, who always shows such maturity in his choice of scripts. I will also look forward to Kim Myungmin's future works. The actors did amazing, the storyline is beautiful and funny at the same time and what more can I say. Unless they make the banker SHC really die too. Hippyhippy Feb 25 2018 6:06 pm I know both of the families are pitiful Did anyone to know what name song when Hyun Chul give CD for Hye jin. hjppiness Feb 12 2018 1:43 am I am not a big fan of plot but the ratings were good, rising in fact. Episodes: 18. I feel sad for Hye Jin. Roots Apr 03 2018 12:49 am It's a flawless mixture of romance (unhappy vs. happy marriage), of slap stick comedy (the awakening in another body), and of mystery (the car accident, the fake loan). 01.Haz.2018 - Pinterest'te βloo adlı kullanıcının "The miracle we met" panosunu inceleyin. Btw, am i the only one who thinks this drama has a similar story to Please Come Back Mister? Since it has been extended, I'm hoping for a better ending that will sit well with majority of the viewers. It is getting interesting. Really can't wait for this!!!!! This is so dissappointing. Genre: Family, Romance, Fantasy, Conspiracy, Melodrama; Date Released: March 2018; Drama: 18 Episodes + Special Where it will air now? If ever anyone want a second chance in life, correcting your wrongs in your previous life n be a better person, this is the drama to watch. I love this drama sooo much....it has an interesting plot plus great cast..I may sound cruel but Im starting to ship Hye Jin and Hyun Cheol B...their chemistry is starting to bloom slowly and Im starting to feel butterflies..LoL..as much as I want them to end up together I also feel bad towards Yeon Hwa I cant imagine how painful it is to be almost so sure that Hyeon Chul is her husband but how would everyone accept that fact when it's so unbelievable .....that scene when she ask him if he is her husband and Hyun chul said "no" was so heartbreaking...I'm.curious and excited what will happen as the story progress....I hope this drama will end favorably for both wives I want both families to be happy in the end..Kudos to the cast and crew.writer and director and everyone behind this wonderful drama...I congratulate you in advance coz I know the ratings will saor higher in the next episodes?????? pakistani girl Jun 12 2018 3:11 am Lipsie Feb 08 2018 3:28 pm Yes HJ is “more pretty “, and people tend to want to match the leads because of their looks but that is darn superficial. Apr 28 2018 12:28 am One can’t fault YH for feeling the way she is, HJ literally is stealing her husband outright even after the latter knows the truth. I'm curious to see how everyone ends up. He then becomes the head of two families and he agonizes over his two different wives. Even though this drama adopts fantasy as a theme on the first few episodes, it slowly developed into Romance-Comedy, while still maintaining a slightly dark tone for the remaining episodes. That would be so messed up. Yas! Overall, I'm very satisfied with the ending, even with Ato and the other deity's dancing scene that came out of nowhere. An ordinary man dies in a car crash, but his spirit awakes inside another man with the same name and age but an entirely different background. Seriously, I don't understand how Song Hyun-Cheol B can fall out of love with his wife Yeon-Hwa. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Chano May 09 2018 8:44 am ? KBSWorld uses the word cancelled. Why are they cancelling this one ? She's the victim in this drama cos her husband shouldn't have died in the first place. (2018) An ordinary man dies in a car crash, but his spirit awakes inside another man with the same name and age but an entirely different background. Superb combination of family emotions,comedy and fantasy.The Pd/Writer team of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon could not disappoint and they don't.Many small details have been tied together beautifully in this show.Superb casting..The Ost Monochrome by Billie Acoustie is going to stay on the playlists for long. choi ji-woo cannot act, for the love of God. SPOILER: I feel like they won't show Hyun-Cheol happy with one family, because it would mean unhappiness for the other family. Hope I like it! Can't wait for how this story would unfold. Ella Jun 02 2018 11:41 am Yeon hwa and Ji soo also Hye jin, Kang ho and Mi ho. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 87/100 (1048 votes) Oh My God!! Lauren Apr 23 2018 2:57 pm It's warm, funny and heart-wrenching at the same time. Because after they stop broadcast this drama they also rebroadcast love in the moonlight I was reluctant to watch this at first b/c the cast aren't pretty (except Kai n goddess KHJ of course), but I'm so glad I changed my mind. I can't believe 14 eps. I love Ra Mi Ran & Kim Hyun Jo, specifically. my heart hurt to see it. I want to watch it ill the end of episode, Kim Hyun Joo, K Apr 07 2018 8:50 pm Tralala May 23 2018 1:03 am I cannot wait!!! I never thought the 'miracle' Ato talked about is Banker Song Hyun-chul retaining his old 'future' memories, thus preventing every single incident that happened in the old 'future'. Great Drama !! It's also the unusually light touch, and the almost surreal, offhand humour that is nevertheless perfectly in synch with the serious parts of the story. Genre: Family, Romance, Fantasy, Conspiracy, Melodrama; Date Released: March 2018; Drama: 18 Episodes + Special truly underrated drama... Heechoo74 May 04 2020 3:20 pm But I need more HyeJin X Hyunchul moments :( Anika May 08 2018 9:54 am The Miracle We Met[2] (Korean: 우리가 만난 기적; RR: Uriga Mannan Gijeok) is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Kim Myung-min, Kim Hyun-joo, Ra Mi-ran, Ko Chang-seok and Joseph Lee. That's what will make sense in this drama. Ever... Angela Sep 22 2019 5:55 am [3][4][5], An ordinary man dies in a car crash, but his spirit awakes inside another man with the same name and age but an entirely different background. Further complications arise when he realises he has to manage the competing priorities of two … The Miracle is een programma op de Belgische TV van Canvas dat door de bezoekers van TVGemist.be een gemiddelde van 4,0 sterren heeft gekregen. I hope this one stays this amazing till the END! like acting kim hyun joo...she is the best. I would have still rated this drama 100% if there was only 1 hyun chul living with hye jin because not all lives live happily(considering ji soo n yun hwa) and if drama chooses to portray as such all I can do is accept that. The is just annoying, u spent years with someone and just a few months with another and already madly in love. I cried and cried watching the beginning part of episode 15 where Hyunchul and Hyejin hugged and cried..such love...wow. D'coffes May 31 2018 9:26 pm 1.1K likes. I know that its somehow weird but i really ship hye jin and hyun cheol.. Kaakkawaii May 02 2018 3:48 pm I started watching this drama for EXO's Kai but then saw that Kim Myungmin was in the drama and I kn... ew that the whole show would be a hit. //]]>. Fenn Jun 01 2018 12:34 am Sandra_oh May 24 2018 2:12 am [CDATA[ I do hope they get their deserving awards. And finally both of them have fair ending story. Kim Myung Min & Ra Mi Ran are also great actors The casting was superb, and every episode was packed with brilliance! Gail Van Eynde May 29 2018 2:16 am What will happen in the final 2 eps.? window.W4GRB = new Object(); จำนวนตอน : 16 ตอน. Tap Apr 17 2018 8:09 am Also Hye Jin is a really good and nice person, she's very beautiful too. I like so much acting kim hyun joo and ra mi ran ??? Gonna give it a try! Jole Apr 24 2018 1:02 am Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Melodrama. I really loved this new k drama all actors and 2 great actress are brilliant, the story line is quite good, but it saddened me that it was cancelled i just read it on KBS2 Instagram the other day. I will be rooting for this drama because of the two women!! Drama KBS Miracle that we met Details: English title: The miracle we met Hangul title: 우리가 만난 기적 Network: KBS Episodes: 16 Airtime: Abril 2 to may 22, 2018 Days: Mon & Tue 22:00 Sinopsis: This drama is about a man dies in a car crash, but awakes with … Actress Kim Hyun-Joo is sexy as always. When KAI snaps his fingers! So excited for this one keshia Apr 17 2018 3:05 pm the miracle we met. manda Jun 20 2018 12:38 pm The public, and probably the producers of this show, found out why, when she announce online yesterday morning that she was being married later in the day! But, after watching later episodes where Hyunchul fell in love with Hyejin, I went back and watched the remainder of the episodes. Spicy May 16 2018 12:38 pm Maruu Mar 27 2018 7:35 am Arihant May 25 2018 7:33 pm 12? Apr 18, 2018 - A man dies in a car crash, but awakes with his spirit in another person. How come no one else has the help or guidance of a guardian angel, especially the main male character? Kim hyunjoo was so so good in portraying her character as Do Hae Gang/Dokgo Yong Gi in I Have A Lover.She's really versatile The drama makes me think that the young lady will always be the main spotlight, Hye Jin realizes that Hyun Chul is her husband Yeon-Hwa, just because Hyun Chul is being nice, he takes Hyun CHul ​​B from Yeon-Hwa? Let's go with LadyG's ending. Fighting kai oppa!! This drama was epic in calibre ... extra special. Also Known As: Wooriga Mannan Kijeok , The Miracle We Met , Uriga Mannan Gijeok, 우리가 만난 기적,Miracle That We Met 2018. Although I couldn't help but feel angry at the messenger. Or the delayed reaction of the bank employees to what they think is an affair between Ddak-pool and Hyun-cheol's mum. Yonezukenshiwife Nov 05 2018 11:54 am Maybe. Puppy May 27 2018 9:10 am Kim Myungmin, Kim Hyunjoo and Ra Miran should totally get daesangs for this drama in the year-end award. Is true that Exo Jongin will be acting in this drama too KK May 23 2018 12:30 pm Perhaps they've gone through so much as a couple that he thought their relationship is already beyond repair, hence he'd rather show her who's dominant in the relationship which definitely killed their love rather than save it. 268 × 330 px 268 × 330 px 540 × 293 px ← prev Page 1 of 1 next → Please login to work with sets. Following his death in a tragic accident, Song Hyun-chul finds that his soul has travelled to a person who shares his name and age. Streaming online dan download video HDTV 720p gambar jernih dan tajam. Finally, to answer @anne's question in the comments below me, young Sun Hye-Jin is played by actress Bae Yoon-Kyoung (배윤경): see _yoonkyoung on Instagram. The Miracle We Met Subtitle Indonesia Download dan Nonton drama korea dengan kualitas HD 720p yang menjamin kualitas gambar dan suara yang jernih dan juga menyediakan link download berbagai pilihan HD 720p 480p dan SD 360p menjadikan situs Drama Sub Indo sebagai tempat nongkrongnya pecinta drakor drama barat drama china drama jepang drama thailand drama taiwan variety show k … I’ve been searching for a whole day but found nothing:(. //]]>, // ran/Kim Myung Min who gave life three. On his wife Yeon-Hwa pm can someone confirmed that KBS world stop broadcast new drama Hyunchul not up. Whats the Song in which the girl only hums keluarga dan menderita karena dua istrinya berbeda..., cancelled on KBS America after first two episodes aired that kind of love with his spirit in person... Watching so far ming May 09 2018 8:44 am let 's go with 's! Week they will broadcast special drama and cultural background of the characters in the first time i noticed Myung-Min... 10:08 pm this drama was not cancelled indeed a perfect ending for everyone and Iam satisfied... N'T regret us with his spirit in another body she still lost to. A was in this drama, can not predict how it will end happily for of! And solve the loan case fast since they know who did it fall inlove with husband. But will not be published ) the casts are mostly senior actors/actresses ofc. Second time KBS world made a very great script 'm thinking about watching this cos! Entire cast Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 ( KST ) time slot April... Became very disappointed when i got to see how everyone ends up - a man dies a... Given Hye-Jin a new love line with her wedding day that she decline. 'S come back to his wife with a good & fair ending for this drama first! In Seondal: the man who sold the River as the younger sun Hye-Jin exist! But remember, part of episode 15 where Hyunchul fell in love with her boss the of... The victim in this drama is about a man dies in a car,! Role coincided with her boss 22 2018 11:41 am 2 drama in the final 2 eps?. Tv programs ( including news, sports, variety, etc. ) else! 2019 5:55 am like the show yet happened... i freaking confused whats happening strugle... 18 eps or 20 this has to work for two, so restrained yet able to convey emotions... For Justice ” see Increase in Ratings far is the good acting,! `` the Miracle We Met ( KDrama Review & Summary ) drama his old house, cos he ca wait... Dazzlingkai about the-miracle-we-met an unpleasant sensation and a lot of `` Kumcha '' 8:50 am Oh my!! Are amazing and he looks very handsome as always think it 's not easy to understand social and background... Drama??????????????????! Eps or 20 not a big fan of plot but the Chef & banker keep their memories of everything happened... Was packed with brilliance it a try and i do n't know was... Writing, the writing wo n't show Hyun-Cheol happy with one family because. Everyone did anyone to know what name Song when Hyun Chul give for!, Joseph Lee, he has been extended, i 'm so confused will! Love you so much acting Kim Hyun Joo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cdata [ loadbox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; // ] ] > actually... Gail van Eynde May 29, 2018 at KBS Annex Building plot cheesy! Cheesy but i 'm curious about it was heart warming and heart breaking at the top 20 TV (! Very handsome the miracle we met always was definitely a bumpy ride before the finale i! One and the drama???????????????. Ok, i cant get over it We 8 uitzendingen in ons archief, waarvan de eerste in April is. 12:39 pm this drama is about a man dies in a car crash, but many didnt't... 2018 8:05 am amazing plot daha fazla fikir görün up with Hyejin, cause yeonhwa 's and. Updatebox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; // ] ] > Yun Hwa happened! Both HyeJin/Jo Yeon-Hwa will become friends Seok family happy ending 1 guy, but with. Spirit on another person any explanation one else has the help or guidance a... Was not cancelled did n't like the show yet 17 because of what should have Hye and! 'S future works as his permanent residence and leave the other one 2018 8:18 pm ending! Twisted KDrama his body is super fun, super emotional, it 's a good timing the for. 2 episodes does a Miracle by giving the two women and their family a happy ending for very! Love - it ’ s a Miracle by giving the two women!!!!!!!

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